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U of M technology saves dog after fall

Photo: College of Veterinary Medicine

A CT unit technician oversees the scanning process.

Thanks to technology at the University Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine, a three-year-old Twin Cities dog survived a five-story fall and is walking again.

Last week, WCCO-TV covered the story of Gauge, a dog that Betsy Strachota, the owner, calls a “miracle.”

The tragic event took place a month ago when Strachota brought Gauge in to work with her on a Saturday.

“We have a rooftop deck on our offices,” Strachota told WCCO. “When I let him out to go to the bathroom, he looked across the roof and it looked like it continued. He couldn’t see it dropped off, and he jumped.”

The U of M veterinary team that cared for Gauge, including Kristina Kiefer, D.V.M., a surgical research graduate student, were concerned the dog could pass away at any moment.

To get a better look at his internal injuries, they used 64-slice CT imaging technology, which offers a far more detailed picture than an ordinary X-ray.While an ordinary X-ray only showed a fracture, the CT image showed Gauge’s hip had shattered. The surgeons rushed the ailing K-9 to an operating room.

After undergoing two operations, Strachota hopes that one day Gauge will be able to run with her again. According to doctors, that’s a possibility. Gauge has two dozen therapy sessions scheduled after he leaves rehab.

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