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Beverages Shown on TV Shows May Adversely Impact Youth Health

photo courtesy alexisnyal via Flickr

A recent study found that beverages shown in TV shows may have adverse health impacts for youth.

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Study: Family Meals Aren’t Only Way to Ensure Kids Eat Fruits & Veggies

Photo: flickr, U.S. Department of Agriculture,

A study from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health found that healthful parenting practices such as: fruit and vegetable availability and accessibility, parent fruit and vegetable modeling, and encouragement of healthy eating were associated with higher fruit and vegetable intake in adolescents and this continued to be true when these adolescents were not having regular family meals.

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Benefits of diversity in doula profession explored in recent study

More than half of all women who gave birth in 2014 were women of color, but there is little racial and ethnic diversity among midwives and obstetricians in the United States.

A lack of diversity in the healthcare workforce has been cited as one of many contributors to the persistent disparities in health status and limited access to healthcare for underserved populations. On a broader scale, a wide range of social determinants of health, which also influence the diversity of the healthcare workforce, directly affect birth outcomes.

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