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Postpartum Stomach – how soon will you “bounce back?”

After the pregnancy belly gives way to a new bundle of joy, what happens to the postpartum stomach? Does a woman’s body just bounce back after baby?

If you’ve ever walked through a grocery store checkout, passed the smiling faces of celebrities baring their slim postpartum stomachs on the covers of glossy magazines, you’d think bouncing back was the norm.

“As with many things in fashion magazines (hyper-thin models, Botox, plastic surgery and Photoshop to name a few) these kinds of “celebrity success articles” can decrease a woman’s self-esteem and create expectations that we just can’t fulfill,” said Carrie Ann Terrell, M.D., director of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School and director of the Women’s Health Specialists Clinic.

According to Terrell, how quickly a new mom recovers really varies from woman to woman.

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New baby, new worries

Whether British royalty, sports hero, or average Joe, new parents are bound to have plenty of questions about their new babies.

Baby news from both the royal family and Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins has newborns on the minds of many, so to get a few tips on making the transition home a little easier, HealthTalk spoke with Emily Borman-Shoap, M.D., medical director for newborn care at University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital.

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