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MN Resuscitation Consortium celebrates National CPR and AED Awareness Week

Most assume that in the event of a major cardiac emergency, another bystander trained in CPR will be nearby to save the day. In reality, nearly 70 percent of Americans wouldn’t be prepared to give CPR. As National CPR and AED Awareness Week continues, Kim Harkins, from the Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium (MRC) at the University of Minnesota, brought Health Talk up-to-date on the latest CPR standards, and how to react when facing a cardiac arrest situation.

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AHC Gamechanger: Demetris Yannopoulos

Have you ever had to resuscitate someone in cardiac arrest? Hopefully not, but if you have, Demetris Yannopoulos, M.D., probably had a say in what you did and how you did it…

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