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Managing summer dental emergencies

Few disruptions can derail a summer vacation faster than a dental emergency.

A slip on a wet dock, a careless swing of a wiffleball bat, an errant elbow in a pickup basketball game – any or all could result in a tooth being knocked out.

No less unpredictable, tooth pain can come seemingly out of nowhere and can be agonizing. Worse, some dental pain may actually signal a more urgent issue like an infection or abscess.

Yet if a dental emergency presents itself and you’re an hour (or more) away from your dentist, what’s a person to do?

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Safe holidays are happy holidays

The holidays bring lots of cheer, but also a lot of new or unusual situations that can spell disaster for children or pets that ingest new plants around the house or find their way into a visitor’s medication. The holidays are the busiest time of year for poison control centers, but there are a few simple holiday safety tips to help keep everyone safe and happy this holiday season.

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