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Making your New Year’s resolutions stick

Editor’s note: This feature originally appeared on the University of Minnesota Physicians website.

Every January, we pack into gyms and health food outlets in pursuit of New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, live healthier or start a fitness routine.

But a month later, many of us have given up, scaled back or ditched the yoga mat for the familiar comfort of our living room couch.

We all have a million reasons for slipping up: work, family, a bum knee or the new season of your favorite TV show. Old habits die hard, and kick-starting a new routine isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

But there are strategies and tactics you can use to maximize your potential for long-term success. Here to help is Dr. Michael Miller, a University of Minnesota Physicians psychologist and an expert in behavioral change.

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AHC Gamechangers: William Robiner

William Robiner, Ph.D., first stepped foot at the University of Minnesota for a psychology internship in 1978. Fast-forward to today and Robiner is now the director of the same internship program. His progression to the top is impressive, but that’s just the start of Robiner’s commendable work.

As the first board certified health psychologist at the University of Minnesota,recipient of the AHC’s Academy for Excellence in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning award, dedicated teacher, renowned researcher, and most recently, recipient of the National Register Award for Lifetime Achievement, Robiner exemplifies what it means to be am AHC Gamechanger.

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