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5 tips for traveling with your pet this summer

Whether flying out of town or setting out on road trip with your pet this summer, it’s important to travel safely.

Kelly Tart, D.V.M., veterinary emergency medicine specialist and assistant clinical professor in the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, spoke to Health Talk about five simple tips that will help make a stressful travel experience safer and more enjoyable.

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Health Talk Recommends: Know the true signs of drowning

Summer is a great time for hitting the water, but whether you’re a beach bum or a pool enthusiast, it’s important to keep one eye on safety. Know the true signs of drowning.

When someone is drowning, most people assume waving, splashing and cries for help will precede a person being in true peril, giving ample time for bystanders to help. But according to a recent article on, drowning is generally not so animated.

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Summer safety tips: Hydration is a must

This summer you might be planning to get outside and partake in a variety of fun activities. But whether you’re planning to hike, play bocce ball or just relax in the water, it’s important that you stay safe and stay hydrated.

William Roberts, M.D., professor with the University of Minnesota Medical School, Family Medicine and Community Health, is here to offer his summer safety tips for staying hydrated:

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How to make the most out of your Minnesota summer

With warm weather upon us, it is tempting to shed all inhibitions and wholeheartedly enjoy the summer sun, but with the summer heat, unfortunately, comes the risk of injury.

But, fear not! There are ways to prepare.

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