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UMN researchers will map, study new areas of the brain through improved fMRI technology

New grants through President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative will allow University of Minnesota researchers to dive deeper into the brain, developing new imaging technology with the potential to map and study neural activity to much greater detail.

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In the news: Tips for a good night’s sleep

It may be worth it to think twice before picking up your iPad, tablet or laptop computer before bedtime. Using technology devices with bright screens could negatively affect the amount of sleep we are getting, which in correlation affects our brain health.

In a recent interview with KARE 11, Michael Howell, M.D., director of the Sleep Medicine Fellowship at the University of Minnesota, shared five tips concerning how to get a better night’s sleep:

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In The News: Future of hospitals: Revamping to Meet Patient Needs

As technology expands, its use in hospitals increases dramatically. In the future, the use of technology will allow hospitals to center their facilities around patient needs instead of the needs of doctors and nurses.

Instead of simply going to the closest hospital, an increasing amount of patients search online to find the best possible care. This has inspired hospitals to rebrand their facilities in order to attract patients.

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In the News: Electronics no substitute for conversation at family meals

Cutting down on media time at family meals may provide a leg up on child health, according to new research from the University of Minnesota School of Nursing.

University of Minnesota researchers found families who allowed frequent device use at the dinner table served less healthful meals and reported lower levels of family communication. Families who established rules limiting electronics use were more likely to report just the opposite: better communication and more nutritious meals.

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U of M health care startup honored by the U.S. Science Coalition

A University of Minnesota health care startup originally supported by federal funding has been highlighted in a new report by The Science Coalition as a premier example of how federally-funded research can bring transformational innovations to market, creating new jobs and contributing to economic growth.

In their latest report, “Sparking Economic Growth 2.0: Companies Created from Federally Funded Research, Fueling American Innovation and Economic Growth,” the Science Coalition honored University of Minnesota licensee Steady State Imaging, LLC – purchased by GE Healthcare in 2011 – as one of 100 national companies that can trace their roots to federally funded university research.

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U of M Views: the University of Minnesota Medical Devices Center

In the #UMN Medical Devices Center, workstations might look cluttered, but each piece is critical and helps lead to medical & engineering discoveries.

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