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U of M research finds kava plant may prevent cigarette smoke-induced lung cancer

New research from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and Masonic Cancer Center has found that consumption of the root of Piper methysticum, or kava, a plant native to the South Pacific Islands, may prevent the development of tobacco smoke-induced lung cancer.

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Cigarette turns 100: What we know now versus (cough!) then

The year is 1913. People are still shuddering at the thought of the Titanic and World War I is looming in the near future. Women aren’t allowed in voting booths and travelling daily by automobile seems like a foreign concept.

Unknown to anyone at the time, one of the biggest plagues on modern human health was about to begin its reign in society: the cigarette.

In October 1913, Camel cigarettes began rolling off the line at a pace of about 7 or 8 per second. Around 1 million were sold that year. From there, sales took off with twenty-one billion being sold in 1919. And until 1981, those numbers only grew.

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