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U of M Raptor Center comes to the aid of a baby bald eage

This is the really interesting description of this photo Photo Credit Joe Smith

Have you ever seen a Bald Eagle up close?

If you have, how about a three-week old baby Bald Eagle. Those are quite a sight to behold and Kare 11 has video of one special baby Bald Eagle that was recently treated by the University of Minnesota Raptor Center. (Here’s a teaser: around the 35 second mark you get a look at the little fella! And if you want even more, here’s a link to Minnesota Bound’s live webcam of the nest in which he lives.)

The eaglet, named Harmon, was taken down from his nest Friday after one of his wings got stuck in a corner. According to Julia Ponder, C.V.M., executive director of Raptor Center, the wing was so badly wounded that it had become infected and infected with maggots. If the Raptor Center staff hadn’t intervened, the little guy could have died.

But now, hopefully that result is far less likely. Watch Harmon’s story here, via Kare 11.

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