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Adjusting to College, Staying Healthy Mentally

Going back to school is an exciting time for most students, especially for those going off to college.  After all, the road ahead is filled with new experiences, new learning opportunities and the chance to make new friends in a new environment.

But on the flipside, there are also students who arrive at college and come to find themselves battling mental health conditions like depression or anxiety.  Feelings of isolation and an increase in stress are common for college students and both can contribute to depression and anxiety.

What’s more, because people are away from supportive family and friends who know them well, it can be even harder for these students to get the treatment and help they need.

In the first video of this week’s “Back to School” video series, University of Minnesota Physicians child and adolescent psychiatrist Kathryn Cullen, Ph.D., provides counsel for both parents and students on how to manage the mental health challenges that can sometimes accompany the transition to college.

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