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U of M expert: to avoid straining the joints and ligaments of your hand, stop pounding away at your cell phone

Here’s a statistic that might surprise you: Americans spend an estimated 2.7 hours a day on their cell phone. (For those of you actually reading this on your cell phone…maybe it’s not such a surprise.)

Last night, WCCO asked the question: is all this time on our smartphone starting to contribute to actual health issues?

As it turns out, the answer might be yes. WCCO outlined how hunching over your phone can disrupt the natural curve of your spine, and also talked to University of Minnesota Physician orthopaedic specialist Matthew Putnam, M.D., about “texting thumb” which essentially amounts to tendonitis of the thumb.

Putnam told WCCO that incessant texting with your thumbs can lead to trauma to the joints and ligaments in the hand.
Take a look at the video above for more.

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