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U of M expert: When it comes to New Year’s exercise resolutions, do something you like

We’re now a week into 2013 and many of you are well on your way to success with your New Year’s resolutions. One of, if not the most popular New Year’s resolutions is exercise. If you’re one of the millions of people who vowed to have exercise as part of your recipe for personal improvement in 2013, Health Talk has just the video for you!

William Roberts, M.D., professor of family medicine and community health, recommends you start slowly if making exercise your 2013 New Year’s resolution. Roberts strongly encourages taking up exercise, but says those new to the exercise routine should gradually increase activity over time, building up to 60 minutes of activity almost every day.

If that seems like a lot of time, Roberts suggests you pick an activity you enjoy rather than something you will dread doing every time. Your chances for success will improve dramatically.

It sounds like common sense, but it’s a common mistake. For example, many people take up running, but hate running. Don’t do that! If you like biking, ride a bike. If you like to swim, go swimming. Exercise is a lifestyle and the activities you choose should be something fun and enjoyable, whatever it may be.

Good luck with your resolutions in 2013!


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