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Do more men opt for a vasectomy during March Madness?

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Some men will do just about anything to stay home and watch games during the NCAA tournament. But will they go as far as opting for a vasectomy during March Madness?

As crazy as it may sound, according to a 2012 USA Today article, there could (stress on could) be some level of truth to this myth. The simplest explanation is some men want an excuse (and sympathy from their wife or significant other) to stay home and watch the myriad of games from the comfort of their couch or bed.

But what are clinicians seeing this time of year? Health Talk went to the experts.

“In my experience, I have never noticed a dramatic increase in my vasectomy procedures this time of year,” said Joshua Bodie, M.D., assistant professor of urologic surgery with the Department of Urology. “But I have had several patients say they plan to use their downtime for TV and watching sports.”

At Bodie’s clinic, most vasectomy and reverse vasectomy procedures are spread throughout the year with no clear indication that there is any correlation to the timing of March Madness.

“Unfortunately, I think this trend started with private urology groups that actually ran discounts on vasectomies the weekend of the Final Four,” Bodie said. “But do you really want your vasectomy done by a physician that uses such gimmicks or offers surgical procedures on a ‘fire sale’?”

So there you have it folks. There is some madness to this myth.

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