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Medical mission to Haiti: An eventful day at the clinic!

Photo: Phat Tran

During the University of Minnesota’s spring break, March 15-23, a group of U of M pharmacy and nursing students will spend time in Haiti on a medical mission trip. Follow their experiences here on Health Talk all week, or check in on their progress at where posts originally appear.

It was quite an eventful day at our clinic today!

We came a little later than yesterday due to a quick stop at the local pharmacy to pick up two medications. When we arrived, we had around 100 patients lined up at the door waiting for us!

We did the best we could to try and get as many patients in as possible but, sadly, we still had to turn away 50 patients and ask them to return tomorrow.

Patients line up for care at clinic

Here are the official statistics for the third day of clinic: We saw 112 patients, did one blood sugar test, administered two vaccines, treated three wounds, administered three prescription immunizations, discovered two positive cases of malaria, and filled 355 prescriptions!

Tomorrow is the last day of our clinic. Please wish us all the best in having enough energy to help as many patients as we can!

Members of our REACHH healthcare team include: Ben, Cheryl, Stacy, Vanessa, Brenda, Camille, Kim, Phat, Kelly, Emily, Aaron, Jill, Rich and Christopher.

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