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In the News: Karen Lawson, M.D., featured in Global Advances in Health and Medicine

Karen Lawson, M.D., director of Health Coaching at the Center for Spirituality & Healing, was featured in the May issue of Global Advances in Health and Medicine. Her article, which is titled “The Four Pillars of Health Coaching: Preserving the Heart of a Movement”, discusses the role of health coaching in health care settings, its past, and the potential it holds in the future.

Health coaching is a relatively new and developing profession designed to meet the needs of people who wish to improve their well-being in the midst of complex health care options. At its foundation, health coaching is practiced from a holistic perspective that sees each patient as a healthy being, wise and the ultimate expert in their own healing journey.

To assist the patient in the healing process, health coaches typically develop a personalized plan which addresses a variety of issues a patient may be experiencing and act as a liaison between health care providers and the person seeking help.

In addition to leading the program, Lawson and her colleagues co-created the Four Pillar model which looks at different areas of healing including Mindful Presence, Authentic Communication, Self-awareness, and Safe and Sacred Space. Lawson believes it will have an impact on health and health care both nationally and internationally.

“The Four Pillars model may be a path of engagement that, if applied throughout all areas of health care, could transform our current medical culture,” said Lawson.

Interested in reading the full article? Click here.

Students and others: If you feel this may be a profession for you, check out the Center’s information page.

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