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What not to wear: Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon edition

This Sunday, October 6th, marathon runners from all over the state and the world will be running in the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.

But with cold and wet weather in the forecast, many runners are likely wondering, “So, what should I wear?”

To help answer this question, we asked Bill Roberts, M.D., professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School and medical director for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.

“In cool, wet conditions it’s best to avoid cotton. Remember, cotton is rotten,” said Roberts. “Everyone will be a little different but it’s safe to say that fast runners will need less and slower runners will need more.”

But, what should runners wear if it’s raining?

“If it’s raining on Sunday, a breathable jacket with a layer of polypropolene on top and bottom may be best. If you get too warm or the rain stops, you can tie the jacket around your waist rather than discard it.”

Keep your feet happy

Roberts recommends not wearing a new pair of shoes on race day but rather wearing a pair of shoes that is properly worked in. Also, bring an extra pair of socks in case your feet get wet or cold. There are many sock options out there but generally speaking socks made out of a merino-and-nylon blend are best.

For more marathon running recommendations from Roberts, please see his commentary from a recent Twitter conversation with the Star Tribune’s Allie Shah.

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