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Winter is the perfect time for outdoor exercise

We know that exercising outdoors during winter months can be challenging. The days are shorter. The nights are longer and even colder. And at times, the weather can be downright dreadful and seemingly unforgiving. The ice, the snow, oh no!

According to William Roberts, M.D., professor with the University of Minnesota Medical School, Family Medicine and Community Health, there are no bad days, only bad clothes. So whether you choose to run, walk, snowshoe, downhill or cross country ski, Roberts says it’s important to make sure you have the proper gear before you venture outside for your favorite activities.

“You must learn how to layer, have clothes that break the wind and that you can vent so you don’t overheat,” said Roberts. “And remember this saying: Cotton is rotten.”

Roberts said that cotton clothing traps sweat and moisture and this can actually make you colder faster. He recommends using synthetic materials instead. Finally, even though it’s cold, you are still losing fluids. Make sure you are replacing fluids while you exercise in the winter.

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