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New method makes microbiome profiling more accurate, reproducible

Research out of the University of Minnesota Genomics Center highlights an improved method for profiling the microbiome, providing more accurate data in a rapidly expanding research area.

What is the microbiome? Microbiomes are the communities of microorganisms residing on or inside humans and animals, or in the environment. Understanding the microbiome is important as it can play a key role in the healthy function of the body or of an ecosystem.


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Preventing medical miscommunication means fewer medical errors

For a patient about to undergo surgery, a medical error is just about the last thing someone would want to worry about.

Upwards of 100,000 deaths occur in the United States each year because of medical mistakes. One of the biggest factors contributing to the problem is miscommunication or lack of communication between multiple health care professionals.

To address the problem, University of Minnesota health professional education programs are embracing the age-old mantra of learning to work together in class and competition.

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A new chapter begins

Today marks my first official day as vice president of health sciences and dean of the Medical School here at the University of Minnesota.  After months of anticipation, I am excited to get started working with all of you on the important mission of this great institution.

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A short look back and long look ahead

For the last three years, I have had the unique opportunity to lead the Academic Health Center, supporting an ambitious and inspiring mission to improve health across the spectrum of prevention and care.

Next week will mark a new chapter both for me and for the Academic Health Center.  Brooks Jackson will assume the role of Vice President of Health Sciences, and I will rejoin the faculty of the Medical School.

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Poising clinical research coordinators for research success

Clinical research coordinators (CRCs) are an important part of research teams, but some find themselves in the profession without adequate training. Even if they have a scientific background, they may not understand the necessary regulations, policies and intricacies of conducting research on human subjects.

A group of CRCs and research managers at the University of Minnesota identified a need for training, and worked with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute – Office of Interprofessional Workforce Development to create a comprehensive orientation program for new CRCs.   This week, after two years of hard work, the group unveiled the Clinical Research Coordinator Orientation program to their peers.

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The U of M’s new HealthQuest app is a majestic amalgamation of awesome

If you haven’t heard about the University of Minnesota’s new iOS app, HealthQuest, then hold onto your smartphone because this is pretty big news.

With HealthQuest, the University is inviting users on a photo scavenger hunt across the Minnesota State Fair. Each of the items you need to find connect back to our University’s health programs.

HealthQuest gives you the clues, you snap photos of the objects with your iPhone or iPad.

When you’re done, submit the photos you’ve collected and you’ll be entered you to win a weekly prize of an iPad Mini or a daily prize of an iPod shuffle. Seriously. It’s that simple.

Check out the commercial above, then head over to the iTunes App Store to download the app today.

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