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Adolescents who eat regular family meals less likely to engage in eating disorder behaviors finds University of Minnesota study

As a kid, rushing home from a friend’s house to make it to dinner on time may not have been your favorite thing to do. But, it turns out that family meal time may have been worth it after all.

According to a recent study, adolescents, especially girls, who eat more family meals are less likely to engage in harmful eating disorder behaviors. Furthermore, this protection against disordered eating behaviors was found to exist in the majority of families studied, even for adolescents whose families struggled with communication or other challenges.

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Social media may inspire unhealthy body image

The rise of social media is changing the way we interact, get our news and even conduct business. But the rise in this connectivity has also boosted concerns for teens, including bullying and negative body images.

As many people pin their at-home workout routines or follow Tumblr’s fashion blogs, experts say many young girls are being presented with increasingly troubling images and messages about a healthy body and how to get there.

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