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Preventing medical miscommunication means fewer medical errors

For a patient about to undergo surgery, a medical error is just about the last thing someone would want to worry about.

Upwards of 100,000 deaths occur in the United States each year because of medical mistakes. One of the biggest factors contributing to the problem is miscommunication or lack of communication between multiple health care professionals.

To address the problem, University of Minnesota health professional education programs are embracing the age-old mantra of learning to work together in class and competition.

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Are pharmacy schools graduating too many students?

Here’s a bit of health care news you probably haven’t heard too much of lately: America is graduating too many future health care providers.

Yet according to Dan Brown, Pharm.D., a professor of pharmacy practice at Palm Beach Atlantic University, that’s exactly the case when it comes to graduation rates at United States pharmacy schools.

University of Minnesota professor and pharmacist workforce researcher Jon Schommer, Ph.D., disagrees.

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The promising career paths of Minnesota’s veterinary graduates

Last month, New York Times reporter David Segal profiled challenges that, in his view, threaten the financial and professional viability of veterinary graduates across the country.

Segal argues that over the past few years, rising tuition costs, a decline in demand for veterinarians and an influx of veterinary school graduates have combined to make successful entry into the profession a challenge.

But while Segal points out concerns that have impacted some veterinary graduates, the article doesn’t paint a complete picture.

According to Trevor Ames, D.V.M., dean of the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine, the broad issues raised by Segal are always on the minds of educators, but Segal’s assessment of the current state of the profession and the prospects for new graduates don’t reflect the current reality.

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