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U of M’s health care “big data” push to produce better patient care, research

If you’ve followed health reform efforts, you know that every policy debate and system change center around one set of objectives: better outcomes at lower costs with improved patient experiences. The “triple aim” of health care.

But often overlooked in the reform discussion is the question of just how we’ll assess the impact of system changes. How will we know what we’re doing is working? The answer, quite simply, lies in unprecedented access to data.

Through an intensive focus on data and health informatics, the University of Minnesota is front and center in shaping how data is leveraged within research and clinical care. The University has long maintained a robust health informatics program and has also made substantial investments in technology to position itself as a leader in both data collection and analysis.

Our friend and colleague Kevin Coss, from the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR), recently highlighted a variety of University informatics efforts in a piece for the OVPR blog Research @ the U of M. Within, Kevin quotes Dr. Genevieve Melton-Meaux of the U’s Institute for Health Informatics and the chief medical information officer for University of Minnesota Physicians, who said that the “repository and analysis of the large amounts of clinical data will help with clinical research discovery and help forecast what kind of care patients will need, which in turn improves the patient’s treatment.”

We encourage Health Talk readers to visit Kevin’s profile of University efforts within the field of health informatics. His piece can be viewed in its entirety here.

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IHI co-director explains the rise of health informatics

On Tuesday Health Talk wrote about our conversation with Saif Khairat, Ph.D., M.S., clinical assistant professor of Health Informatics, about his role within the Institute for Health Informatics (IHI).

Today, Health Talk wanted to update readers on a conversation we recently had with Stuart Speedie, Ph.D., professor and co-director for Biomedical Health Informatics at the University of Minnesota.

According to Speedie, there are a number of reasons health informatics will continue to grow over the next several years.  Here are Speedie’s top three:

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Get to know health informatics

Did you know that there’s a way for physicians and other health professionals to make better decisions for their patients using health data and information?

At the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Health Informatics (IHI), health informaticians collect, organize and analyze medical health data to create meaningful knowledge or information that can improve patient safety, minimize health care costs and enhance services.

Health Talk recently caught up with Saif Khairat, Ph.D., M.S., clinical assistant professor of Health Informatics, to learn more about the expanding field that you might not have heard about…but soon will.

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