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New ACA money goes to reaching new patients, expanded student training

Recently, the U of M’s Community-University Health Care Center began receiving three new federal grants to fund additional clinic services. Totaling $744,000 over two years, the grants from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will allow the Community-University Health Care Center at the University of Minnesota to begin providing combined substance abuse and mental health screenings for approximately 80 percent of patients over age 12 …

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Time to see the specialist? Medication woes might call for pharmacist

For the millions of Americans with chronic conditions like asthma, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, taking all the right medications at the right times can be a challenging, if not impossible, task.

With the insight that comes from seeing several thousand patients each year, Allyson Schlichte, Pharm.D., understands the medication challenges facing many Americans. But by some accounts, she’s an unusual “doctor” to meet in the hospital exam room.

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Residency: Preparing future pharmacists for the workforce

The public perception and actual role of pharmacists in the United States is in the midst of a change. More and more U.S. pharmacists are transitioning from traditional roles like the filling of prescriptions to full participation in the health care team.

To meet the demand of this shift in the health care landscape, more and more doctorate of pharmacy (Pharm.D.) students now turn to residencies to learn how to meet patients’ medication needs first hand.

But unfortunately, not every student who applies for a residency is able to find one.

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