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UMN, Uganda students collaborate on global health issues

A new partnership between University of Minnesota and Makerere University allows students to explore real-world global health issues under the guidance of seasoned researchers from both schools. Students will work in teams to design research projects, then conduct their research during Summer 2017 in Uganda, hoping to improve their understanding on global health while improving local communities.

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Nearly 100 years after the original was created…researchers hunt for a more effective tuberculosis vaccine

Earlier this month, results from a two-year clinical trial showed that a new vaccine for tuberculosis is not as effective as researchers had hoped. Previous clinical trials proved the vaccine to be fairly effective in adults, but the most recent trial showed that it does not provide significant protection for infants.

The news was a major blow to modern medicine, which has been seeking a more effective TB vaccine for decades.  The latest trial involved the first new vaccine to reach the human-trial stage since 1921.

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